Surat Lamaran dalam bahasa Inggris

Jakarta, June 21st 2010

Mr. Edward Curt
Multiplus Company
Sudirman Road No.112

Dear Mr. Curt,

I am writing to apply for the secretary position advertised in Kompas. As requested I am enclosed a complete job application.

Even I have only few experiences in this field I believe that my education background and my abilities will make me a very competitive candidate for this position.
My abilities are :

  • Able to speak English fluently
  • Able to operate computer and internet
  • Have secretary education bacground
  • Able to learn fast and willing to learn new thing
  • Hard worker and discipline
  • Good appearance and a good communicator
  • Open minded and highly motivated to be success

Please read my resume for more information about my education background and experience.
I can be reached anytime at or 0813-84323248.

Thank you for your time and I hope You will consider me for this position.
I am looking forward to have an interview with You at Your convenient.

Sincerelly Yours,

Mawarti Klein


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