Places I Love in Indonesia


In My homeland Kaliwiro – Midle Java

Eat chocolat at rice field under the tree,with the song of birds feels so peacefull…


Tobaco plant, wanna have some? Love to walk over the hill with the strong wind and nice air


On the way to my brother’s place…so exciting we went there by foot and need about 2 hours till we get there. Nice view, nice people…just an unforgetable experience.


This place named Harau.Located in West Sumatra with giant rock clift,watelfall and ricefield view. I love being wet in there, drink some hot tea and have some spicy traditional cassava cryspy  chips for snacking 😆 Hmmm very romantic place, and wonderful memory with my ex boyfriend(NB: now he is my husband) 😀


Tanah Lot-Bali Island. One of the amazing places in Indonesia


Kuta Beach in Bali Island…Beautifull!


Jogja, it was in a temple near Prambanan Temple,the small version of Prambanan. Dont remember the name anymore.

What a pitty i lost almost all the pic from there 😦 well i guess i have to go back there again soon to take more pics of it 🙂

More Info about the place i’ve visited

Hotel/homestay price is variable, start from Rp 50.000 or about US$ 5

For Rp 50.000 you get a small room with no bathroom inside the room,and no air con. But for Rp you already get clean room with air con and bathroom inside the room.But ofcourse with no hot water 😆 you need Rp 250.000 or more to get hot water.

The transportation is the first problem for tourist i think, because not all place have taxi. SOme place only provide busses or small car and traditional transportation. So you will need a guide or rent a car with the driver if can’t speak Bahasa or afraid to be fooled by some bad people there. But if not, then you only need to ask and write it down incase you forget the words because of the spelling.


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